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Countdown to Tango With Me in UK Cinema’s August 24th: Get Familiar with the Cast!

8 more days!!! And Congratulations to all the fans who won tickets to the exclusive premiere TONIGHT (Please try not to spoil it for others).


As the day gets closer to the official release on the 24th of August for EVERYBODY, we thought we’d introduce you to some of the Major Cast of Tango With Me, starting with our Girl!


Genevieve Nnaji:

Genevieve has worked very hard in Nigeria’s movie industry to become a household name. With her face in a plethora of movies, Genevieve also plies her trade on the international scene. In the movie, her role as Lola is an emotional thrill, and she plays Joseph Benjamin’s character Uzo’s wife.


Joseph Benjamin:

A very ambitious artiste, Joseph Benjamin is making a giant inroad into the klieg lights of Nigerian Movie Stage. He is confident and composed in his deliveries. He has to be watch out for. . . in Tango With Me, Joseph’s Movie-Craft potentials are proven beyond any doubt. He plays Uzo.


Joke Silva:

Joke Silva needs no introduction. A quintessential actress, successful both on screen and on stage; not only has she become a household name, she has successfully built a brand of it. With queenly gaits and eloquence, she delivers in Tango With Me.


Ahmed P. Yerima:

A prolific wordsmith, poet, grandmaster playwright, actor, theatre adminstrator and teacher. What else would you say about a movie in which the master of storytelling and stage craft is featured? Ahmed Yerima in Tango With Me, demonstrates the rhythm and the dance that is tango…


Tina Mba:

A deep and experienced actress who full ptential on the big screen is yet to be fully exploited. As the big boss to Uzo, she provides part of the complications in the unfolding drama.


Bimbo Manuel:

Bimbo Manuel is the Ombudsman of Tango With Me. His baritone voice makes hims a master of the arts in any role.


Kate Henshaw:

…Screen Diva and timeless velvet voice of Nollywood. Even if it is for a few ‘35mm’ camera seconds, her voice reverberates in Tango With Me “Push, this baby wants to come out. . .!”


Bimbo Akintola:

Let a million flowers bloom for this accomplished artiste. Surrounded by budding artistes, Bimbo brings verve and experience into Tango With Me with a sterling performance.


Talk about a stellar cast with a wealth of experience we can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!